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Type Revue - Discussion Papers
Titre Education for all and for life? An introduction into primary school education in Senegal
Publication (Jour/Mois/Année) 2011
This paper is part of a larger research project on educational decisions in developing countries, especially in West Africa. It describes the current state of primary school education in Senegal and points out respecive concerns of parents, teachers and school principals. Generally spoken, figures about quantity of school enrollment point to a massive improvement during the last years. Many parents and teachers, however, are concerned about quality problems. During a field trip schools have been visited in an urban and a rural area in Senegal, where conversations with parents and different members of the educational section have taken place and have provided some important insights. Low quality of education, high drop out rates and parents' lacking appreciation for formal schooling have been identified as main drawbacks of the schooling situation in the regions visited. Further research on this topic involves a household survey based on a questionnaire that incorporates the results presented here.

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