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Type Revue - International Family Planning Perspectives
Titre Male Knowledge, Use and Attitudes Regarding Family Planning in Burkina Faso
Volume 15
Numéro 3
Publication (Jour/Mois/Année) 1989
Numéros de page 84-95
A Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices survey of 603 men in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, revealed that 75 percent of men knew of at least one modern contraceptive method if they were prompted with a brief description of the method, and 90 percent recognized at least one modern or traditional method. Twenty-five percent of men could cite at least one modern or traditional method without any prompting. Nearly 19 percent of the men had used a modern method, mainly condoms, at some time; however, condom use appeared to be more closely associated with prostitutes and disease prevention than with birth control. Among nonusers, 64 percent said they might use a modern method in the future. One in four of the respondents with children stated that they wanted no more, and this proportion increased as the number of children increased. The desired family size was surprisingly low, at around four for those who did not yet have four children. Eighty percent of men said they wanted more information about family planning, and 76 percent said they wanted this information for their wives. Of the 124 men who gave reasons for not wanting to use family planning, 31 percent said that it was bad for the health and 12 percent said that it was against their religion, but most cited personal reasons. Although attitudes toward family planning were, in general, very positive among men who participated in four focus groups, it was evident that many of them were misinformed about contraception. Many men expressed fears about the safety and permanence of modern methods. In addition, some men perceived that contraceptive use by women would threaten their fidelity in marriage.

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McGinn, Therese, Azara Bamba, and Moise Balma. "Male Knowledge, Use and Attitudes Regarding Family Planning in Burkina Faso." International Family Planning Perspectives 15, no. 3 (1989): 84-95.
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